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Lunch Break!

24 Mar

I always envied people who would actually take their lunch break. They would go outside, take a walk around the block, eat their sandwich, maybe check Facebook, and go back to their desk. This seems nice and constructive and gives your brain a needed break.

I usually just eat mindlessly at my desk while reading random articles and scrolling through Facebook for the 4987th time. It’s not great. Nor is it really a break. My brain is mushy by lunch time, and even if I’m not focused on work, I’m still in “work mode.”

And then, quickly after my lunch is gone, maybe like an hour later, I do need a break. I need to like…get up and stretch, read a magazine, just anything to get away from my desk. So, I decided to actually start taking a lunch break.

So, I actually started making lunch. Brent always gets the leftovers for lunch (lucky) and if there are actually more left, I get the scraps. But a lot of the time, there are no scraps. I would eat frozen meals or weird soup from a plastic microwave bowl. You know the weird metal/plastic bowl that doesn’t seem allowed to go in the microwave? It was not very exciting or inspiring.

I’ve been trying to keep lettuce or spinach around, and some tortillas, so I can at least start from there. I made a pesto, spinach, and cheese quesadilla the other day that rocked my world. Thats really only 3 ingredients (4 if you count the butter i threw in the pan), and it was incredible. Why have I not been making lunch for myself this whole time?

Have you seen those crazy bento box lunches? I’m so into these. I want to get a bento box and fill it with amazing things and then take it somewhere. Look at those cute toothpicks and the organized little cups of food! Those interesting combinations and sections of food! Makes my sandwich/granola bar/fruit cup of the past pale in comparison (Don’t worry, mom, I still loved your lunches even though there weren’t any pizza lunchables or little debbie brownies…)When we were in Japan, there were whole aisles in the dollar store dedicated to bento boxes. Tiny cookie cutters to make flower shaped carrots, themed toothpicks and adorable little containers…So many accouterments. I could definitely get obsessed with packing school lunches.

Well, I think it’s obvious what I did on my lunch break. I wrote this and then looked at bento box lunches. Whoops. How do you make the most of your lunch break?


I’m Back! (Again. Hopefully for good)

17 Mar

I’m sure you never really noticed I left, but, here I am again.

I’m sort of… “re-branding” this thing. Instead of a food-focused type blog, which is what I was going for last time, I think I’m just going to talk at you. Just my musings and ramblings, with some food stuff, life stuff, etc., etc.

Since I work from home, I don’t get to do that office chatter that comes with a normal job. I like office chatter. I like telling someone about the random, funny, odd, and just even normal things that happen in my day-to-day life. So, that’s what this will be. Me, pretending you’re in my office with me. Except…I’m still by myself and you won’t answer.

Things I’m thinking about today:
1) It’s crazy warm here for mid-March. Like, 70 degrees. Of course, tomorrow it’s going to be barely 50. And then, it might snow later this week. But, regardless, I didn’t wear a coat today, and I broke out the white wine. That’s right, everyone, it is white wine season! It’s official; I’ve officially decided.

2)I listen to way too many podcasts, but like I said, I have no office chatter. Podcasts are cool. I like to just listen to people talk about stuff, and pretend I’m just an eavesdropper. I then tell Brent about what people said “on the podcast today.” Like, “today, on the podcast, so-and-so was talking about xyz, and I was like yes, I totally agree about xyz!” and he’s like wait…who? what? It’s probably annoying.

I found a super great one today, and it is like the holy grail of podcasts for me. I’ve been searching for a podcast that is sort of geared towards a topic I really like, but not so structured. I like when the podcast hosts go off on random tangents and just chat on like friends do. The Joy The Baker Podcast is it. Two food/lifestyle bloggers just basically talking. I love Joy’s blog, she’s a wonderful writer with a bright spirit and takes great pictures. She also has a fluffy orange cat and I have two fluffy orange cats. We could probably be friends.

Do you guys listen to any podcasts? Any recommendations? I’ll probably write a post in the future all about podcasts and that might be really boring.

3) My brother is coming into town this week. He’s in law school and I’m assuming he’s on spring break? That makes sense. But i’m excited to host him for a few days, and then we’ll take him to the airport and explore Milwaukee and drink beer probably and probably go into a bar and watch some basketball which I will pretend to watch but not watch. It will be fun!

Okay, that’s enough. Off to inflate the new air-bed for brother, watch some (more) Top Chef, and drink my long-anticipated, now appropriately seasonal white wine.

A day in the life of a 20-something, stay-at-home writer.

16 Sep

I get some strange looks when people find out I work from home. There’s various reactions, and usually people think it’s pretty cool, and that I’m “lucky” to not have a boss over my shoulder or that I get to avoid the morning commute.

And, they’re totally right.

I wake up at my leisure. People think that means I get up whenever I want. However…I still have to work 40 hours a week. I try to get up around 7 and get started around 7:30. Why? Because, I want to be done working by 5, at the latest. Just like a normal person. I have free food and coffee all day, and I can go work out whenever I want. That being said, getting up early helps me keep my schedule flexible ; impromptu yoga class and lunch dates with friends included.


My boss and I have a super chill relationship. He gives me a lot of free reign and trusts me a lot – he has to, I guess! We email daily, and occasionally have a phone call for particularly complicated conversations, but otherwise it’s pretty low-key.

I have a low – stress job. So low, in fact, that today I was just wearing a robe for a few hours. I’m now rocking my signature yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and a scarf. Oh, and i don’t have to put on makeup – so I don’t more days than I do.

This is my sweet set up. it almost always includes a cat and a cool podcast.

This is my sweet set up. it almost always includes a cat and a cool podcast.

I just took a nap.

But okay before you get jealous…think about this. I do not talk to a single person all day. I don’t even see a single person all day. And sure, I could go to a coffee shop, but I have a sweet desk, sweet computer, and a really, really comfy chair. Its hard to leave this set up. I get really antsy and restless and often feel isolated. I got some cats now, and they’re actually pretty decent company. My husband is still a student, so he works at home a lot, which is fun – no, really, we have a good time working our office, listening to music and chatting now-and-then. But, having coworkers is such a fun, community experience. I loved having coworkers at every job I’ve had, and I so miss that.

So, I decided I wanted to plunge back into the barista pool. One day a week. Makin’ my lattes and talking to cool people. I went to my shop the other day and saw a regular, and he was so happy to see me. It totally made my day and I cannot wait to get back into customer service. Weird, huh?

Me and two great coworkers (and friends!) out for a night.

Me and two great coworkers (and friends!) out for a night.

That’s what your 20s are about though, right? You do the things that make you happy. Really, though, that’s just what life is about. I’m trying to do things I want to do, and not focus on what I “should” be doing. I want to do a lot of things with my life.