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Five Friday Things: Things I love that other people hate

24 Apr

If you remember the last Five Friday Things edition, I talked about the things I used to hate but now I love.

This time it’s about the things I really like that other people (generally) don’t seem to like as much as I do. This is all generalizations and I am prone to hyperbole. People might not HATE these things, but I feel, just from experience, that I’m way more into these things than other people.


1) Egg Nog
Starting it out easy with egg nog. Not so divisive, but most people don’t like egg nog. As soon as I see egg nog on the shelves, I get pumped. I don’t let myself buy it till at least Dec. 1, but it’s so wonderful and amazing and tastes like Christmas and vanilla sunbeams and rich, tasty fat and hydrogenated oils. This strictly applies to grocery store, alcohol free egg nog. I have really no interest in making my own, egg-filled, hot, weird, boozy drink. bleh.

I heard someone say it was gross because it was like drinking melted ice cream. Um…why would that be gross? Isn’t that a milkshake? this is like a milkshake, but BETTER. Because it’s egg nog. I used to call it egg nob when I was little.

Man I just typed egg nog so many times, it is starting to sound less and less appealing. Egg based drinks sound gross…but just like the famous egg cream, there’s not really eggs in store bought egg nog.

2) Tattoos
DSC04404I think it’s pretty clear that I love tattoos. I have five, and three are fairly large and visible. I mean, I don’t know quite how to explain why I like tattoos, but I do know how easy it is for people to really dislike them, and come up with many, many reasons why.

IMG_2752The book in the picture, Bodies of Subversion, is all about women and tattoos, the history and the cultural significance of tattooed women and women tattooers. It’s really great, and I learned a lot and actually was empowered by this book. I learned the idea that all people get tattoos purely for aesthetics, no matter what you tell yourself/other people what it means to you, you’re putting art on your body because you like how it looks, and what to convey a certain image of yourself to everyone else.

This is from my favorite passage: “Women’s tattoos do have real-world ramifications to the extent that they defy socially sanctioned standards of feminine beauty for the recognition of new, largely self-certified ones.” That’s a thinker.

3) Buying People Presents 
Buying people presents is literally one of my absolute favorite things. I buy people presents like months in advance of their birthdays. I fantasize about having more money, just so I can buy that perfect gift for someone. And it really doesn’t matter who it is for. I got our mail-lady a small gift for Christmas (did you know there’s like a huge list of things you CANNOT give your mail carrier, including money and a meal??) and she was so thrilled, she wrote the nicest thank you note and it just made my heart so happy.

I get the impression from the people who don’t like getting presents for people don’t like it because they are worried the people won’t like what they pick out. I think the reason I love it is because I’m overconfident that I’ve chosen the most perfect gift. Maybe I’m not as good as I think I am, but it doesn’t matter. I still love it. I have 2 or 3 gifts in my closet right now for people’s birthdays that are still weeks to months away. and I’ve had them for several weeks/months.

4) Hardcore Music
I’m not really going to get into what this really means. But just trust that there is usually screaming involved. Loud drums and stuff. It’s not for everyone. It’s really not for most people. But I just love it. I didn’t always love it, but now I can’t get enough. It’s interesting, different, and pretty emotional. I think most people think it’s angry music.
(Brent at I at Warped Tour many years ago, when he had long flowing locks. Pierce the Veil set above).

When my brother imitates this style of music, he usually mock-screams about hating the world and things along those lines. No one ever says that. Most of it is just like any other song, but just…screamed. For example, this line from “All Nereids Beware,” by one of my favorites, Chiodos:
“This spring of love resembles the uncertain glory of an April day…”

Oh wait, that’s not right, is it? That’s in a hardcore song? Sounds kind of like Shakespeare, doesn’t it?

5) Shakespeare
The line above is from Shakespeare. The Two Gentlemen of Verona,” in fact.

When I first realized this, my brain exploded. Chiodos has many, many lines from Shakespeare plays in their album “All The World’s A Stage.” (Which, if you’re keeping track, is a famous part of “As You Like It.”)


I took roughly 5 Shakespeare courses in college. I still read it. I have a whole series of young adult novels about Shakespeare.

I remember listening to this hardcore band while reading plays for homework, and suddenly the band sings a line from the very same play I’m reading, my brain exploded.

Shakespeare can cross so many boundaries and genres and will still make sense. The band doesn’t make it obvious or clear that Shakespeare shows up in their songs. It’s like a little secret, and hordes of 16 year olds are totally oblivious that they’re screaming Shakespeare in the mosh pit.



Holiday Adventures (AKA: Photo dump)

3 Jan

Hi! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season, and got a bit of  a break from your hectic schedules.

Brent and I did a lot of visiting and traveling, hauling the kitties with us to stay at Brent’s parent’s house and seeing lots of relatives. We are pretty blessed to have such great families and friends and I’m so glad we got to see a lot of them!

Here’s about 100000 pictures I took. It’s a shame not to share them, so be prepared for a long picture post.

Minnesota: Christmas
We had a “Cookie day” a few days before Christmas. For once ,I didn’t actually bake anything. My mom (of all people!) mixed up a really tasty sugar cookie dough, and we store bought gingerbread cookie dough. Brent helped roll and cut out shapes (I have no patience…) and we invited people over to decorate.

DSC03944 DSC03971 DSC03972 DSC03974 DSC03999
Here’s a small sampling of my cousins.

Then, there was Christmas and other things that go along with that. Nothing too exciting to report! We got more things than we needed – we’re still spoiled.

Case in point, our 1 day trip to NYC.
We didn’t really have a plan…at all. This made for a lot of wandering around, which was pretty fun. We happened to walk past one of my favorite things in the city: Trinity Church. I’ve been to NY a couple times before and have only walked past this ancient church and the cool cemetery attached to it. I longed to go in, since I love old old things, but we never had time. Not this time!
DSC04046 DSC04052 DSC04057 DSC04077
The gravestone above is the oldest in the cemetery. It was put there before the church existed, in the mid 1600s, and still stands. You can actually still be buried in this cemetery if you have the right connections.

We were centered mostly around Times Square and that area, walking around Broadway and other famous locales.
DSC04083 DSC04085 DSC04087 DSC04088

If I had been on this trip alone, I would have TOTALLY gone to see Richard III and Twelfth Night. Richard III is my favorite Shakespeare play…but alas I’m the only lit nerd in our group. I would have also gone to the American Indian Museum near Wall Street, the only free museum in the city. I’m also the only one who likes museums.  Maybe next time!

IDSC04089 DSC04095

After this little trip, we drove to Brent’s parent’s for the rest of our little vacation. We were glad the cats had a place to stay, and they loved their new big place to explore. (and their grandparents! hehe)
We do a lot of relaxing there, which is so nice when neither one of us has work to do.

Squirrels! Dogs! So many new things!




Photo Dec 29, 2 57 08 PM

All three cats were napping with Sherri.

New Years 13 Family
Family picture with wiggly participants

We also got to go out for New Year’s Eve and got to dress up. Brent got to wear his suit…it was a big deal. One of our dear friends goes to school in this town, so we were able to meet up with him and had a nice night out. I had the best cocktail of my life (pineapple upside down cake!) and my feet almost froze off.

That’s about it. I did get to peek at some vintage recipes from Brent’s grandpa, something I’m very excited about – look for some of those to come in 2014, along with more posts from me. A resolution of sorts.

Happy New Year, all!