Winter Does Eventually End (Maybe)

25 Feb

The older I get, the more I resent winter.
January, February, and March taunt me with bitter cold. We’re on the cusp of another polar cold snap and I’m just so sick of it. When will it end!?

I’m slogging through the rest of winter one day at a time. Brent was making fun of me because I have all these plans for “after winter.”  Everything I want to do is for spring and summer. That’s where my whole focus is. But you know, at least I have something to look forward to! I have so many plans.

We signed up for a CSA box (community supported agriculture) so a local farm will pack up a box of fresh produce every week from June-Nov. I am so excited for this! Not only do I not have to fight the crowds at the farmers market, I can support my community’s farmers directly and they’re guaranteed money upfront, and I’m guaranteed yummy veggies. If you’re in the Madison area, check out this link and pick a farm!
Remember those days? The days that were warm and plants grew out of the ground!

I’m also really looking forward to doing THINGS. I feel like winter puts a stop to activities (which isn’t true…) but things are just more fun when done outside. Camping, biking, ice cream, grilling…you know, the works. There’s an outdoor Shakespeare theatre putting on my favorite play ever (Romeo and Juliet) that I’m hoping we can snag tickets to, and concerts on the square which allows us to drink outside in public…who doesn’t want that?!

With our Mexico trip only a couple weeks away, and the weather heating up in March (well, maybe…sometimes it snows in March and April but fingers crossed) I know I don’t have much farther to go. Mexico will be an absolute dream – I’ve stocked up on new swimsuits and sunglasses and plan on totally soaking in all the sunshine I can…under an umbrella of course!
Hi, Mexico…I’m coming back for you.  I missed you.

So for now, I’m just doing things that make me happy and keep my spirits up. Today I accomplished this by baking up my favorite peanut butter sesame breakfast bars. I used to make these on hung-over Saturday mornings when friends had stayed over. They gave everyone a reason to get up and gave us a bit of a boost. They’re nutty and sweet, and absolutely the easiest. You can whip these up in about 10 minutes and throw them in the oven, and most likely you have everything on hand.


You can choose to adapt this recipe, especially if you’re out of ingredients. For the cereal part, I use any puffed or small crunchy cereal we happen to have in our pantry. Don’t like peanut butter? Use almond butter. Don’t’ have sesame seeds? throw in the equivalent of another crushed nut. The honey, though, is a must – but you can halve the amount and add in a mashed banana for flavor without that added sugar. These will definitely put a little sunshine in your day.

Find the recipe here.



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