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How Does That Make You Feel? (Let me help you)

23 Jan

I’ve been feeling like a therapist lately.

Recently, I’ve been helping Brent out with a lot of school stuff (grad school is hard), and counseling friends on big life changes and relationship stuff. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, because I tend to take on people’s problems until I think I’ve come up with a good solution. It’s tough, but I do love it.

This isn’t really anything new for me. I’ve always been that person people gravitate to when they have a problem. I’ve been told I’m very empathetic, but being totally empathetic and absorbing other people’s problems can really wear you down. So I think as I’ve gotten older, I’m a bit quicker to tell people how I see it rather than giving a sugar-coated, tell-them-what-they-want-to-hear answer. I’ve also started to only give people advice when they ask for it, which tends to work out a lot better for everyone.

I even thought about going back to school to become a licensed therapist because I do really like trying to help people, trying to figure out why they’re having a problem or what makes them do the things they do or feel the things they’re feeling.  but I don’t think I’m up for years and years more of school. 

This is all coming from reading one of my favorite advice givers. He writes from within a girl-oriented site, and girls come to him for his manly perspective on relationship stuff. It’s awesome. He’s pretty brutal, but almost always poignant and spot-on with his advice – like a real life he’s just not that into you situation. His best post yet is this opinion-stlye piece based on the book “Never Have I Ever: My Life (so far) Without A Date”, a strange memoir from a well meaning twenty-something chronicling her life without a relationship – in painstaking, excruciating detail. Seriously, this chick goes through every guy she’s ever liked (going back to kindergarten), why she liked him, what went wrong, and everything. It’s so crazy. The Head Pro’s advice is priceless – please read the exerps from the book and his response. It’s just advice gold.

 This is the part of the post where I beg for your help. I’d LOVE to start a advicey-type column thing on this blog. Maybe once a week I’d try to answer a couple questions for people, focusing on relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but even friendships and family things, too. And nothing is too far out there. It can be as silly as trying to decipher a confusing text or serious problem that needs a serious answer


Please send in your questions, or pass the offer of advice on to anyone you’d think would be interested. I’m serious about this, friendly readers! send them in an email (


Holiday Adventures (AKA: Photo dump)

3 Jan

Hi! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season, and got a bit of  a break from your hectic schedules.

Brent and I did a lot of visiting and traveling, hauling the kitties with us to stay at Brent’s parent’s house and seeing lots of relatives. We are pretty blessed to have such great families and friends and I’m so glad we got to see a lot of them!

Here’s about 100000 pictures I took. It’s a shame not to share them, so be prepared for a long picture post.

Minnesota: Christmas
We had a “Cookie day” a few days before Christmas. For once ,I didn’t actually bake anything. My mom (of all people!) mixed up a really tasty sugar cookie dough, and we store bought gingerbread cookie dough. Brent helped roll and cut out shapes (I have no patience…) and we invited people over to decorate.

DSC03944 DSC03971 DSC03972 DSC03974 DSC03999
Here’s a small sampling of my cousins.

Then, there was Christmas and other things that go along with that. Nothing too exciting to report! We got more things than we needed – we’re still spoiled.

Case in point, our 1 day trip to NYC.
We didn’t really have a plan…at all. This made for a lot of wandering around, which was pretty fun. We happened to walk past one of my favorite things in the city: Trinity Church. I’ve been to NY a couple times before and have only walked past this ancient church and the cool cemetery attached to it. I longed to go in, since I love old old things, but we never had time. Not this time!
DSC04046 DSC04052 DSC04057 DSC04077
The gravestone above is the oldest in the cemetery. It was put there before the church existed, in the mid 1600s, and still stands. You can actually still be buried in this cemetery if you have the right connections.

We were centered mostly around Times Square and that area, walking around Broadway and other famous locales.
DSC04083 DSC04085 DSC04087 DSC04088

If I had been on this trip alone, I would have TOTALLY gone to see Richard III and Twelfth Night. Richard III is my favorite Shakespeare play…but alas I’m the only lit nerd in our group. I would have also gone to the American Indian Museum near Wall Street, the only free museum in the city. I’m also the only one who likes museums.  Maybe next time!

IDSC04089 DSC04095

After this little trip, we drove to Brent’s parent’s for the rest of our little vacation. We were glad the cats had a place to stay, and they loved their new big place to explore. (and their grandparents! hehe)
We do a lot of relaxing there, which is so nice when neither one of us has work to do.

Squirrels! Dogs! So many new things!




Photo Dec 29, 2 57 08 PM

All three cats were napping with Sherri.

New Years 13 Family
Family picture with wiggly participants

We also got to go out for New Year’s Eve and got to dress up. Brent got to wear his suit…it was a big deal. One of our dear friends goes to school in this town, so we were able to meet up with him and had a nice night out. I had the best cocktail of my life (pineapple upside down cake!) and my feet almost froze off.

That’s about it. I did get to peek at some vintage recipes from Brent’s grandpa, something I’m very excited about – look for some of those to come in 2014, along with more posts from me. A resolution of sorts.

Happy New Year, all!