The Perks of Living in the Land of Beer and Cheese

25 Oct

Wisconsin has a reputation for free-flowing beer and an abundance of cheese. This is not a stereotype, folks. This is real life.

Once, I saw this.
heart cheese

We live in a hotbed of local craft breweries, and it’s super cool and exciting. I lived here when I became of drinking age, so the beer I was exposed to was a bit of a step up from the usual collage fare of Miller High Life and PBR (not to say those don’t have their merits on a hot day!). People here really appreciate their beer here, and I have to say I’m among them.

I like those citrusy, bitter IPAs. Fruity, malty belgians. And yeah, I do like those “girly” beers that are brewed with fruit. Yum!

Sunday, we headed over to Ale Asylum, one of several local breweries, for a tour. They’ve grown exponentially in the last few years, so much so they had to build a new, state of the art facility to brew their beers, effectively tripling their output.  It’s pretty impressive!




I love brewery tours. This one was really fun, since they let us grab a pint of our choice first and we got to take it around with us.

Look at all the glorious choices!

Look at all the glorious choices!

pure enjoyment.

pure enjoyment

Chelsea made the mistake of getting the high APV Belgian and I drank mine too fast. Solidarity in lightweights.


Of course, we all think we can just start our own brewery now, since we’re just experts on stuff. While it would be basically the most fun job ever, it’s a far-away glint of a dream. It’s fun to dream, though, and we’ll probably take a crack at a home brew soon.


In the mean time, I baked with some beer. I wanted to use one of Ale Asylum’s beers in it, but we had a fridge full of other stuff I needed to get rid of. I made some delicious maple beer quick bread with a pumpkin ale for a touch of fall flavor, along with some hand-tapped maple syrup from Brent’s grandpa’s friend. His grandpa has connections.

Here’s the recipe for the bread. Note that I added more maple syrup and reduced the brown sugar, added a dash of cinnamon, and didn’t use a stout (although, I am sure that’d be delicious). Try it out, it’s a super easy, quick bread to whip up and share!


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