We Made It! First Week In Japan

19 Jun

Well, after one week, I think we’re almost all settled in. Traveling here was quite the trip, and we almost didn’t even live in Thursday and skipped right into Friday. It was pretty weird. But overall, we made it here without a hitch. Will virtually zero Japanese, we’ve been able to get around the airport (which, to its credit, has a lot of signs in English and a great information counter with English speaking services), get our apartment, grocery shop and buy everything we need, and Brent is traveling via train and bus to work every day.

But how did we get here? Well, we left on Wednesday and flew to San Diego and waited for our connection to Japan. We got lucky, so we were told, because we got to fly in the new 787, or “Dreamliner,” a humongous plane that I certainly did not expect to be as giant as it was. I’ve only flown on normal planes for no more than about four hours…so this 10 hour flight and behemoth of a plane was quite the treat.

Glimpse of the plane

Glimpse of the plane

This was just our section…there was an entire “first class/ business class” in front of us, and an entire section behind us. It had four seats in the middle rows and two seats across on the sides. Basically, it was huge. and fancy!

There was a screen in front of every seat, with a remote control on one side and a game controller on the other. You could watch a bunch of movies, shows, play games… it was crazy! I got to watch that weirdly violent Hansel and Gretel movie, as well as the classic Annie Hall. Brent played a video game and basically slept the entire time when they weren’t feeding us…which was half the time. They stuffed us with (really good) food!

Brent got a "special" meal - low sodium. and special treatment from the flight attendants!

Brent got a “special” meal – low sodium. and special treatment from the flight attendants!



This is so. much. food. and this doesn't show the ice cream they gave us later!

This is so. much. food. and this doesn’t show the ice cream they gave us later!

Showing off my chopstick skills with some watermelon

Showing off my chopstick skills with some watermelon

I’ve never been on a flight where the flight attendants were actually attentive. They offered us as many drinks and snacks as we wanted, were heating up baby bottles for people, helping people get luggage down, just anything you wanted! They were so sweet. We got to try some Japanese beer (they were really excited that we wanted to try it) and were always offering us more. We felt pretty special.

So we landed and then had to exchange money and find out how to get to our hotel – both of which Brent handled fabulously.

We headed to the Hilton near the airport, and then basically fell asleep at 7pm. I was up for about 24 hours and only “lived” for a few hours in Thursday before falling asleep and waking up on Friday!

Friday was busy. We had to wake up super early to go back to the hotel and catch a bus to Yokohama so we could get our keys. The man who worked with us actually drove us to our apartment (about an hour), and one of Brent’s colleagues met us in our town and took us to lunch, which was our first official meal in Japan. Brent then went to check out the train/ bus situation and get a tour at his work, while I was left to set up our apartment.



From the sleeping loft

From the sleeping loft

We have 2 futon mattresses up in a little cozy loft space, like a tree house hangout.

from the sliding door

from the sliding door

microwave/fridge/bathroom door.

microwave/fridge/bathroom door.

I love our little apartment. It’s cozy and cute, and only a block away from the shopping center which is obviously my hot-spot.

We will be exploring more soon, and a few people have offered to take us around and show us some good “touristy” spots near our home. More to come really soon – including some recipes and food pics!


One Response to “We Made It! First Week In Japan”

  1. dharmamonet June 19, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    I can’t wait to hear more! This is so exciting for you, and I think it’s so awesome that you are living in Japan! After this, I have a feeling you are going to have the travel bug, and so many other new dimensions to your life and personality that will be fun to uncover and get to know. Say hello to Brent for me! Love you!

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